frustrated at my new job

Published June 20, 2013 by emotionless brain

20 years ago I would have walked by now. I am not afraid of work, in fact I prefer to stay busy and not by duplicating tasks. I prefer to improve work flows to allow for better patient care. After all it is the patients that allow for my paycheck. Work is not about me, or my social life, or fashion.

I cannot very well up ans tell the MD my opinion (yes opinions are like butts everyone has one that expresses). Today I was looking for a pt chart (because the insurance requested office notes), the MD asked to see the insurance request and asked me to explain my interpretation of the request. Why is she micromanaging my tasks? She hired me because I have skills (verified and validated by three previous employers when she called my references). Then I was looking for another chart, that cannot be found anywhere by anyone she advised me not to worry about it, that it would show up eventually. I explained I was not stressing over it, everyone else was, I was just trying to help and being a team member by also trying to look.

I do not understand why she invested in EHR set up and insists on using paper charts (of which she keeps every single piece of paper for ever, and insists that charts with multiple volumes are kept together and accessible. I think it might be ok to whittle the charts down, for starters superbills/charge tickets do not really belong in the “MEDICAL CHART“, and only keeping say the past year or two of test results is industry standard (not 10 years worth). What is the purpose of keeping every single paper that comes in the envelope with an EOB and or check? you can reduce space occupancy of files if you dispose of the blank papers, and the extraneous pages that are irrelevant to the payment. Just my two cents (maybe more).

Now as to the other personnel,  massive room for improvement. My only comment here is if PATIENT CARE is not what you like, then get another job.

Life is good, I am employed and Baruch Hashem for that. As to the rest, well I guess this will be a true test to my maturity skills, and my tolerance skills.

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