I feel validated again

Published June 25, 2013 by emotionless brain

About a month ago I was interviewing for two different jobs, I had to pick one and so I did. Well today I got a call from a different person at the other job, the one I did not choose (coincidentally happens to be someone I know and have worked with). Apparently they still have not hired anyone, and are back to trying to sway me to come work for them.

That makes me feel great.

This is becoming a week of greatness!!! It started off with a date, and now this. I am relishing in my good feelings.

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5 comments on “I feel validated again

  • May this week be a turning point in your life. Your new job just needs to turn around a bit and you will have a great thing going. Enjoy the happiness and hopefully it will last for a long time. đŸ™‚

  • YAY Michele! You deserve only good in your life. Be happy, fulfilled, and change jobs to one where you can be fully utilized. If the other job is superior, that is.

    • not sure if the other job is superior or not, but at the moment it is looking more desirable (heck my old job is more desirable than the crap I am being subjected to here). I sit quietly in the middle of total chaos day in and day out posting payments working on accounts trying to figure them out. What a waste of my ability. Oh well if she wants to pay me to do what she could pay someone half my salary to do so be it. I’ll suck it up for a while, and sort out the patients accounts.

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