I said something and was never heard

Published June 29, 2013 by emotionless brain

There has been someone I have kept three arms lengths for three years, three (closer to four) years ago I made an acquaintance, I should have trusted my gut then and not made the acquaintance. The primary form of communication has only been email messages, not talking no texting to face to face. Apparently he has had a crush on the me the whole time. Not sure why because I never once gave indication of an interest on my part. In fact quite the opposite I repeatedly told him that I was not interested now or ever.

All week he has been pushing to see me, then one day I said yes, he replies he is broke could we just hang out at his place. Gee I was not born yesterday, and can see right thru that ploy. No, nope, nada, zip, no way jose. So I said “ok lets go out for desert my treat”, to which he rebuked stating “I am the guy I am supposed to pay”. I went into silent mode for a couple of days, then yesterday he got my cell and started texting. I again very clearly stated I have no romantic interest in him. He then become belligerent and flippant. Then tells me off, to which I replied your choice buddy.

It really yanked my chain in a negative way because I have been telling the kid for nearly four years I absolutely in no way shape of form have any romantic interest in him, now he wants to tell me off and make me the monster. Bullocks to you bucko!

Moving on, so my object of smitten-ness is gone for the next week. Then my kids come home, smitten-ness has been a welcomed distraction from missing my kids. I will write more tomorrow I am extremely tired I have worked about 70 hours this week and still found time for entertainment.


2 comments on “I said something and was never heard

    • I never was with this other person. I was from a distance a platonic friend, or at least I thought I was. Apparently he is so immature he never heard my words telling him that over and over. Now wants to make me out to be a two headed monster. Typical egocentric, monomaniacal men….

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