3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Mistakes!

Published July 5, 2013 by emotionless brain

Everyday Power Blog


1. Mistakes make life real. We would all love if life just started, ended and contained only successes and accomplishments, life would be easy and scar free. Imagine life with no learning curve, regret and disappointment. Thankfully life is NOT scar free and actually our learning curve is our path and our journey. It is easy to beat yourself up after every minor or major mistake.  When we are aware of our mistakes we  are able to set ourselves up for success by learning where our pitfalls are.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”-Albert Einstein

2. Mistakes humble you. They let you know that you still have growing to do. Mistakes keep you hungry, they fuel your desire to be a your best and to stay on your toes. Mistakes will keep you grounded and keep your ego in check. Make it…

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