it occurs to me that I have not blogged about feathers in a while

Published July 6, 2013 by emotionless brain

A Quaker Parrot, or Monk Parrot or Myiopsitta monachus is what our special needs foster bird is, his name is Sugar. What makes him special needs is that the previous owners cut his beak off, straight across his face. The roof of his mouth is intact, but there is not enough beak to close his mouth all the way.

Sugar is a hearty little creature, he east just fine. I have to shell nuts and seeds for him, aside from that he eats ferociously. He loves his chop, throwing out what does not suit his mood that day, he tears into the seed/pellet mix every time I change it. He is quite noisy, and very demanding. He likes to get on the floor and follow me around the house, he will even chase the doges away from me if he wants me undivided to him and only him. It is funny because one of our foster dogs Lucy is an ALPHA thru and thru so when Sugar is on the ground Sugar roos the roost. Lucy gets so mad when she looses her “alpha” position next to me.

I realized today that our Love Bird or Agapornis who’s name is Butter is 10 years old. She is an old bird with the average life expectancy of the species being 10-15 years. She is alone in her cage as she is not a friendly creature (she will bite and draw blood every time). She would lay eggs almost incessantly until I put the Budgie Boys aka Melopsittacus undulatus (Lemon and Stripes)next to her cage, then she stopped laying the eggs. Problem solved, both cages share  the window, they have each each other for company. Lemon and Stripes can be noisy, but their pitch is not offensive in any way, mostly they just mumble quietly to each other, but when they are at it watch out they start a flapping and chasing each other. When it is feeding time they rotate sitting on the food dish, never both being on the dish at the same time. It looks like a dance they perform.

Bleu a Blue Indian Ring Neck aka Psittacula krameri manillensis who lives in my bedroom is over 10 years old, I have had him for 11 years and he was a couple of years old when I got him. This species can live 20 to 30 years, hopefully I will out live him because he will not respond to anyone else, like most of my other pets he is a mummy’s boy. Bleu takes pleasure throwing scraps of chop down to the floor and watching the puppies scavenge for them.

Well that is all for now about the feathers in our family.

Life is good, I am still employed, all the critters are happy and healthy. The kids come home from camp tomorrow woot woot!!!!! I am so elated about everything.


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