Today was just another day

Published July 8, 2013 by emotionless brain

My kids are home from camp, wow they are two amazingly noisy individuals, put them together and the world is deafening. I love my kids, but I simply do not understand much of what they do or why they do it. Competition, competition, and then some. I show both of them equal love, each child has their own special interaction, gets their own individual mommie time with me, not always when they want it but I make time for each of them individually. Talk about exhausting…

Today I took the day off work to be with them, after all I have not seen them in nearly a month. We went to see a movie, they say Monsters U, I saw Star Trek, I then took them to the YMCA to register for day camp (mommie has to go back to work tomorrow), came home and tried again to piece the bathroom sink back together. I took it apart while they were gone in an attempt to replace the fixture the old one did not work very well and was an eye sore. Needless to say I have made three trips to the Lowes and still cannot get it back together, I have taken the pipe off and will take it with me to get the correct size to connect to it. The “P” trap pipe is smaller than the standard size sold, so nothing is fitting. The bathroom sink is fast becoming a nemesis. My daughter loved what I did with her room, the painting and the re-arranging of her furniture. I also attached two led strip lights to her head board. Now I have to figure out a way to configure something for my son (he wants reading lights too) his bed frame is metal not wood, I will have to be clever somehow (I love a challenge).

I discussed with the kids that while they were away at camp mommie was able to socialize, and realized how much she has missed it. They agreed mommie needs her adult time, and that will definitely make her happier. I threw in without making a point of it about the possibility of dating. They get it, and verbalize support, we will see what materializes when the time comes.

A midst my crazy day I received a text from Mr.S, you can imagine my surprise. I was certain it was over and he was long gone. I have to fall back on the expression and excellent book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus“. Communication between the sexes is as different as can be. I suspect that will be difference in what I understood and what he understood. His text today was gentle and warm, I waited a few hours to respond (after all I was busy with my kids, honestly). We texted back and forth a little. It is up to fate, what is meant to be will be no matter what anyone wants. I am still in motion, and moving with momentum.

Life is good, I am employed, feathers are well, furbabies are all well, my kids are tucked in their beds dreaming away. Tonight I plan on having sweet dreams as well.


5 comments on “Today was just another day

  • I was so excited to hear that you had a fun day with your kids. It shows what a great mom you are that you took off from work just to enjoy them. My kids are moving out for good in five weeks and I am trying to enjoy every last minute I have with them. It did my heart good to know that you heard from Mr. S. Since hearing from my guy doesn’t happen all the time, I am glad to know that I am not the only one. I like it that you said what is meant to be will be.I hope you have a great week and remember when the kids are being loud and messy how much you missed them when they were gone.

  • So nice. How wonderful that the kids understand that mommy needs time away. Keep reinforcing it, but gently. I know about equal time, but sometimes one needs more attention than the other. Important that they know they both are loved very much by you.

    Don’t give up on Mr. S. He was a beginning, and he may be more, he was with his kids, now he’s back. I’m so glad to know that you are not like the other divorced women, but still you do need some lovin’ at the right time.

    Have you worn your hair down at all? It is so beautiiful, and your picture has it pulled way back.

    I now know what feathers refer to. How many birds??? But what’s fur babies or whatever it is at the end?? I do love the tag line. It is special.

    • Feathers refers to my five pet birds, furbabies are the dogs. I actually cut my hair two weekends ago for the first time in over a year (had to cut two inches off :-((() and yes sometimes I straighten it and wear it down (you are such a Jewish Mother). Thank you for the support!

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