Published July 10, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have published 175 posts, and have 111 followers. When I started this “therapy” back in November on a whim I never imagined it would grow into something tangible. I was merely trying something new to help myself, who knew I had something so interesting to say. My parents would be proud, that thought alone provides an amazing amount of comfort (both of my parents are gone), and while there is one person out there still alive that I put in the parental category(she was my foster mom in high school) and I love her truly, I am and always have been devoted to my biological parents. Which is another topic for another day.

Folks you have given me validation, and resolve to continue with this, I hope it will develop into more than “just therapeutic ramblings”.  We shall see, and only time can tell.

On a different note, Mr. S and I have been talking, we actually have plans to get together Friday night. I have already coordinated sleep overs for my kids, and are trying to figure out something different and fun for us to do, what do people do on dates without having to go to a bar? I looked for a festival and was unsuccessful, what else is there? Yeah I know there is always movies, how do you get to know someone sitting in a movie? Of course you hold hands, and it feels good, physical contact usually does. It gets those endorphin’s going, and as much as I am a junkie for endorphin’s/adrenalin, it is not a healthy way to base a relationship. Been there, done that, rode that bull, never want to do it again.

I am sitting here at this wee hour, having more epiphanies, that is excellent I will have more to write about when I formulate my thoughts. I am excited, hold on to your seats.

Life is good, fathers are waking up, furbabies have been outside and are back asleep, kids will be awake momentarily, I am still in motion, and are feeling good. Especially excited about seeing Mr. S (not soon enough). Oh yeah and I am still employed (and I have something to say about that later)


One comment on “amazing

  • I love you, too, and always will. You and I have had a special connection from the beginning. Maybe the curly hair? Too bad distance keeps us from physically seeing each other. One of these days…

    Anyway, have fun Friday night. Dinner is a nice alternative. You can talk and really get to know each other. Holding hands in the movie just doesn’t ring it. Glad you can park your kids for the evening with friends.

    How do I get a hold of the earlier blogs? I would love to start from the beginning.


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