tenacity is my middle name, plumbing is not my game

Published July 16, 2013 by emotionless brain

Call me a glutton, I was working on the kids bathroom while they were at camp. I live in a house that is a tear down, it was built in 1956, and has lots of problems.

The fixture on the sink was not working properly, I had one that fit in the cubbard so I proceeded to take off the old and put on a new. Not so easily, to get the old one off I wound up having to detach the entire sink because the rings were corroded on too tightly. Once the old fixture was removed I began attaching the new one, put the sink back securely in place. Then I encountered the “problem”, I could not get the new drain to align with the old p-trap, so off to the hardware store I go, bought a new p-trap, and flex hose attachment to extend it up to the drain at the bottom of the sink. That was a flop, wrong size, apparently there is 1 1/2″ and 1 1/4″, of course I bought the wrong one, so back to the store I go to buy the smaller one to fit. Yippee I can put the sink back together right?

Oh no, not even close to being put back together, I remove the old p-trap (which by the way was corroded on so the ring that attached it broke) only to find a very odd looking pipe sticking out from the wall that has a ridge or lip of sorts on it. I fiddle and I faddle with the new p-trap, and just cannot get it to work. The ring that is supposed to secure the two pipes together will not go over the lip of the pipe sticking out from the wall. New we are three weeks later, four trips to two different hardware stores (I must admit hardware stores are not like they used to be, the help offered leaves a lot to be desired).

I took a picture of the pipe with my cell phone and went to yet another hardware store, one last try before I admit defeat and have to hire someone to finish the repairs. I goofed off looking at all the plumbing parts (I wonder how difficult it is to install sprinklers in the yard?) I finally asked a young lady that appeared to be working in the department how to connect the components I needed connected, fortunately she had enough sense to go and get an old timer to help me (I prefer the old timers when it comes to advice in DIY projects) I showed him the p-trap I had in a bag (wew it was NASTY), and  the picture of the pipe sticking out from the wall. HE looked at the picture and commented “that does not belong there, why would someone do that”. I wanted to do a victory dance, finally someone understood and I was not crazy. Either that or he too had a similar experience (which apparently he had).

I was proud, I had a plan to put into motion to finally fix the sink. I went home and tapped into “google” and started researching how to get done what I needed done. First I needed a cutting tool, Mr. S offered to loan me a reciprocating saw with metal cutting blades, I sat on the fence about this. I absolutely did not want to be “the damsel in distress“, nor for him to feel obligated to “have to help” me. I am woman hear me roar,independent and self sufficient, while as a lady I appreciate having the door opened for me (I am capable of doing it myself). I graciously accepted, and even suggested he “break the rules” and sneak over for a late night tool delivery, snicker snicker. We try to follow “the rules of dating”, but we are two consenting adults with drives and desires (I told him he has woken a dormant beast).

Last night Mr.S was oblivious to my subtle clue as to when to come over (it is ok, everything happens for a reason), he had plans with his buddies tonight. I teased him, I texted him while he was driving to his friends that I would be slathering oil on my skin later to keep it moist, yadda yadda.  And after two hours teasingly I sent him another text that said I had oiled “parts” of my body and was slightly slippery, seconds later he responded “dropped off friend on my way”. This is fun!

So when Mr. S left this evening I asked him if he trusted me to use the reciprocating saw? He kind of shrugged (I get it I am a small person, it seems unnatural for me to wield a heavy piece of equipment), I said “if it would make you feel better you can observe, but you have to let me do it”. Again I do not want him in any way shape or form want him to “feel obligated” to help or to “do it for me”. We will see what comes of the task.

I will post more as the project progresses. My next post will be about the upcoming weekend (smirk, smirk).

Life is good, feathers, furbabies, and kids all sound asleep. I will be soon to!


6 comments on “tenacity is my middle name, plumbing is not my game

  • I envy you and your determination to do things like this project yourself. I need things done around my house also but if I can’t hire someone they don’t tend to get done. I am nowhere near as independent as you. That is one reason I wish I had a guy in my life to help out. I am hoping once the kids move out I will be able to get some things done. Let us know how it goes. 🙂

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