Humm plans for the weekend?

Published July 17, 2013 by emotionless brain

Mr. S ans I share something in common and for similar reasons, we do not celebrate our own birthday’s. I know I personally have not had such wonderful birthday celebrations. I do not know for sure what his reason is, but a little birdie told me on his birthday three years he was served with divorce papers. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

Last Saturday after “date nite” was over and I had been on my merry way for a few hours, Mr.S called and I asked him if he would please indulge me and allow me to do something for him for his birthday. He declined, I understood, I then reminded him about our conversation just a few hours earlier on the subject of “breaking the chains that bind us”. He thought about it and changed his answer to yes, that is alright. You can imagine my enthrallment, I wanted to jump up and down and do a victory dance.

Mr.S’s bday is this weekend, he is avoiding the fact and that is ok, I understand and respect it. Today on our drive home from work (he is his car and me in mine) we were chatting, and he mentioned that he in fact would not be having his kids this weekend as expected (they would be out of town with their mother), I asked if he had plans for Sat night, he looked at his calendar and said , NO. (in the book “the rules of dating” Friday night dates are a dime a dozen, it is the Saturday night dates that are supposed to be something special). Whatever, since I will only have one child this weekend it will be easier to find a place for him to hang so I can have “adult time”. And YES I feel guilty about doing that. I spoke to a girlie about possible ideas of what to do she mentioned a place near by that is more than affordable and something both he and I would enjoy. So when he came by to deliver the power tool, I mentioned the venue, and what the event was he said yes.

Last weekend we had date nite, this weekend we will have date nite, what is the world coming to? I have not had this many “date nite’s” in over a decade. And all the other stuff in between like lunch, and late night power tool delivery (wink wink), conversations, texting, etc. How do you really know if a guy likes you or is just passing the time until the BBD? While I do not suspect Mr.S of being a BBD individual, I am incredibly insecure, and are so far out of my comfort zone I am unable to read anything (much less body signals/language). I know my limitation, and when I share physical communication with someone I loose my ability of neutrality and observation. While I am absolutely cannot get enough of the physical component of Mr.S I do not want it to be about that, I want and need spirituality on a higher than physical plane.

Any pearls of wisdom?


3 comments on “Humm plans for the weekend?

  • You sound like you have everything under control. You are so lucky to have found someone like Mr. S. I know you are still not really sure about him, but in the same text don’t let a good one get away. Take it from me the good guys are few and far between. I hope you have a great time this weekend. Hopefully I will have a story of my own to tell one weekend. 🙂

  • There are many different shades on the spectrum between long term relationship and BBD. Stop the analysis…. Enjoy the moments. You’re doing fine. Life is good.

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