today was amazing

Published July 17, 2013 by emotionless brain

Today started like most other days, it is Wednesday so my morning routine includes chopping produce for the feather and shell critters in the house. Typical my son refused to contribute with chores, my daughter is not far behind beginning to also refuse (she sees her brother do it all the time, why would she?)

Running late as usual (because I again was the only one doing EVERYTHING). Got out the door, to the car I noticed my son had a different bag than usual, so I grabbed it and took a peek. Much to my chagrin there was a plethora of contraband and items that were not supposed to be there. It started with my sons mp3 player with headphones, and progressed to his Itouch (which by the way he lost privileges to) that not 30 min prior was in my night stand next to my bed, in my room (that is supposed to be off limits to anyone but me), and my charging cable and plug. By the time I got the the camp I was livid, fit to be tied, angry and again violated.

Add insult to injury my back is in spasm, I am hurting pretty seriously (and yes tired for my late night power tool delivery). I drive to work, (frustrated because I am late again) back hurting, get to the office sit down and more spasms (it did not stop the entire day, it is still doing it now). Worked my usual (this job is not a good thing, sadly).

After work I rushed to my previous employer, as I finally after six weeks of scouring resumes had an interviewee set up (I promised my previous employer I would find and train my own replacement). The interview went will, I am hoping tomorrow to offer the person the position, that will alleviate a major load from my shoulders (I am basically working two 40 a week jobs) and taking care of my kids, and maintaining a social life (I am one tired girl, you have no idea). The interview went really well, I will offer the person the position tomorrow, woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got another phone call, yesterday I had a lunch interview with the previous company I declined the position with before I took the one I am currently working at. Basically they sent the company “pit bull” to feel me out, after all I declined the position, and here I am considering it again. Asked and answered, why I declined (honestly) and why I am now interested again. Earlier before lunch I sent a brief email thanking the person for the interview and opportunity and that I look forward to good news soon. Well by 1700 my phone was ringing, job offered and accepted. I will tender two weeks notice to my current employer close of business Friday.

My cup hath runneth over with good fortune (first time in my entire life, I must finally be doing something right). I called Mr.S on my way home, I was dying to tell someone the good news (duh who else would I think of at this point to call and tell). I normally do not call him like that so when he answered the phone I could hear in his voice a hesitancy, I said I just wanted to share my good news with you and then I will leave you. I told him he seemed excited for me, he knows I am miserable at my current employer that is evident daily. We chatted for a moment, I told him that this is the first time ever I have had a series of good fortunes, I organically travel the roughest most difficult road possible, organically not purposefully (there is a difference). He said there is a silver lining in every cloud to which I responded “yes and I am a stronger better person for all my “rough roads”. I then said “you were my first good fortune in all of this, thank you”. I probably should not have said that, but I had of moment of impulse and it was out before I could stop it. I hope he will be ok with it, he also opened up to me a little about his baggage.

I can honestly say I feel good in my life right now. I am working full time, consulting, and have a job on the horizon that will hopefully prove to be the bomb! Mr. S is a wonderful fantastic person who like me has baggage, but is willing to try something new. I think I am his good fortune, he has never nor will he ever meet anyone like me, when I devote myself it does not get any better. I teased him earlier today that he has only experienced a smidgen of my capacity (he is still complementing my cheesecake from last weekend). I switched my kids camp and they are in a much better place, I have child care lined up for them after camp at least for the next few weeks (and hopefully through the school year), I am making more money, even though I do not get to see Mr.S as frequently as I would like it, taking things slowly has its advantages when both people are on the same page.



2 comments on “today was amazing

  • I am so glad to hear you are changing jobs. I could not imagine having to go into work everyday when you didn’t like your job. I had my yearly review last week and it went extremely well. My bosses are very pleased with my work and the fact that I love my job and the people I work with. I am so jealous of you and Mr. S. I hope to have good news from my end soon but I don’t want to jinx myself. Taking things slow is good because the best things come to those who wait. Have a great week. I look so forward to reading your posts. 🙂

    • You are an inspiration to me as well, while we have never met I get the sense you are a treasure that has been kept hidden for far too long. Go for it, let your hair down and LIVE!!!! It is a good thing (I used to be free-er about living to the fullest many years ago). You are a good person who deserves good things. Keep up the good work, all good things in all good time.

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