Friday night surprise

Published July 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

Friday was a bit of a stressful day, I was tendering my resignation from a job I had only started about a month ago. I took the position thinking there would be opportunity. Alas it has proven not to be a good fit, a company that had previously offered me a position was pursuing me again so I accepted a position with them.

I talk about how change is good, I suggest to people be open and accepting of change, change can be healthy. And yet often when I find myself faced with a decision to change something I do not take my own advice. It is always easier to advise others rather follow your own. When I took the current position over the other one I was not following my own advise, I went with what the position of comfort. One that I knew and had worked before, instead of the new one that was more interesting and more exciting. What is done is done, I tried and it did not work (but that is no surprise).

Anyway on my way to work Friday I suggested to Mr.S that we meet for lunch, I was ravenous (no small wonder why we had a late night the night before). Mr.S said he was unable to do lunch but to save my appetite for dinner. To which I replied today or tomorrow ( we already had date nite set up for Saturday). He surprised me and and said “tonight unless you have other plans”. Well I quickly found a way to get out of Shabbat dinner at my brothers house without the kids Shabbat dinner there is not so entertaining. I was beyond excitement, between looking forward to dinner with Mr.S and the impending tendering of my resignation the day went quite quickly. Towards the end of the day an opportunity presented itself for me to put the letter of resignation on the MD desk without having to discuss it. I put it there and left, I know it was a chicken way to do it but I just did not want to be forced to have a conversation with her about any of it. She is a drama queen, and I did not want her to passive aggressively corner me into “telling her the real reason why”. After placing the letter I left and came home.

On the way home I told Mr.S about it he laughed, I asked where or what we were doing this evening. He had made reservations at a nice restaurant, one I had not been to before. I quickly texted a girlie with the name of the restaurant and she was like ooo la la. I asked her what do I wear, my wardrobe has two types of clothes, work, and comfort, no partying, no dating, no nice restaurant attire. She texted back “be home in five, and the door is open”. I quickly finished straightening my hair, and headed over. We were giggling the whole time like a couple of school girls. She had a super cute and sexy dress that fit perfectly, she then tried, begged, pleaded for me to try a pair of heels to which I will not (multiple previous foot and ankle injuries prohibit me from gracefully wearing many show styles).

I was wearing a colorful, cute, tastefully sexy dress, my hair was straight (I have typical Jewish poodle hair), I put on a little bit of mascara (I am not comfortable wearing makeup with my glasses, I do not think it looks good), I was looking like a HOT MOMMA! I felt like one too, my girlie said to me “you have changed, you look wonderful”. I do not understand what has changed I am still me, just now I am enjoying a different part of life, and actually she is not the only person who has said this to me recently. While I was waiting (not long) I was being productive and ironing my work clothes (call me old fashioned but I like my clothes freshly pressed and not via chemicals at the dry cleaners.

I put my dogs inside (I figured I would be gone for the night), we left. I had never been to this restaurant, while it is not the fanciest place in town (not that I care about that) it was perfect for us, warm, delicious, just the right amount of romantic. We shared appetizers, entree’, wine, dessert, and a cup of cappuccino. I do not think I have enjoyed myself like that, it was amazing. After dinner we went back to his place (unexpectedly for me as I knew we had “date nite” for the next nite). He let me borrow some clothes (after all I was in a party dress), we watched a movie (Grown Up’s) we snuggled and watched the movie laughing and just being. It was so wonderful.

We woke Saturday morning and it was so nice, he made omelettes for breakfast (he is a fantastic cook), and lounged. It is so pleasant not to be rushing somewhere, to gently move about not being bothered with the time of a schedule. I had forgotten I had set up a cable repair visit so when my cell phone rang I answered it (my kids were not with me and I did not recognize the number) it was them saying we will be there shortly. So we parted ways for the day, he went out to lunch with some friends (it was his birthday after all), I went home to do my stuff. I purchased tickets for our evening event (he had agreed to allow me to treat him to something for his birthday).

I cannot begin to describe how satisfied, and fulfilled I feel right now. Each time I find myself resisting wanting to part ways with Mr.S I remind myself that parting ways allows for reuniting and enjoying each other all over again. I realized that while it is frustrating to have to part ways it is not the end of the world, and yes I will see him again. I think I am confident in that knowledge (at least I fake it until I make it).

Life is good, Saturday nite will be another post later.


3 comments on “Friday night surprise

  • I totally understand the way you tendered your resignation. I would have done the same I am sure, I hate confrontation and avoid it at all costs. It is good to hear that Mr. S makes you happy. I look forward to reading your posts very much. I am so jealous of you that you have found someone you can connect with so well. I know I need to be patient but it is very hard being alone especially in the summer. Good luck with your last two weeks at your job and I know your new job will work out fine. I just hope your new employer will realize what a jem they have found in you. 🙂

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