what is a meat grinder?

Published July 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

If you ask my girlies Mr.P then he will say she is the meat grinder. Apparently Mr.P has woken her libido like no tomorrow, and when a woman libido is awake watch out baby cause she gonna grind you up and spit you out.

Since my girlies divorce a few years ago, she has in essence been sowing her oats (apparently she did not do this when she was younger). I am happy for her, every one needs to sow their oats at least once in life (just be safe about it). There have been three main characters in her escapades Mr. A, Mr.P, and Mr.Y.

She thought Mr.A woke her libido, yeh it was good, it was sort of satisfying physically(he was well endowed), but all the silly emotional games reduced the physical pleasure. Mr. Y not sure why I even mention him, he was a wanna be that tried to temporarily filled a void (without much success I might add), and now there is Mr.P. Yeah baby now he has woken the sleeping beast, in more ways than one.

Between the Salsa and the Tango she is beside her self. They started as dance partners, and well one thing lead to another, now they are “a limited item”. They have known each other for about eight months, but have only been horizontal for three maybe four months. Apparently for the first few months she would not give him the time of day (outside of dancing), she thought he just wanted to bed her down. He probably did, but something happened during the chase and he claims to have fallen for her.

This past weekend was the first time they actually “spent an entire night together”. You can learn a lot about a person after spending a few nights with them. They danced on their feet first, sadly it was not gratifying, then they proceeded to the horizontal bop. Yes they were using protection, by morning  I guess they were worn out or something (I was not there I do not know exactly), but Mr. P said to girlie “go easy I am sore you are like a meat grinder”. And they say Latinos are virile, check out the Jewish girlie libido that has been woken.

Girlie I am happy you have found some good meat to grind on!


4 comments on “what is a meat grinder?

  • After reading your posts I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me. I never sowed my wild oats when I was young and I have no desire to do so now. Many people say I am boring because I don’t like going out much. My goal is to find the right guy and take it slow and hopefully have a future with him. I have no desire for casual relationships, maybe it is from my strict Catholic upbringing. Please do not think I am trying to judge you or your friends. I just wonder why I am so different.

    • You are not so different there are people like you, but like you they are stuck and unsure how to change. Not everyone “sowes their oats”, do not judge yourself. It takes different kinds of people to keep the world interesting.

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