Plumbing is not my skill set

Published July 23, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have had the reciprocating saw for a week now, yesterday I finally got under the sink and did another assessment of the task at hand. Well, I am just not confident my skills are enough to be successful at this task, and since the sink has to be operational (this cannot be a dysfunctional test subject) I have resigned myself to hiring someone to finish the task.

I told Mr.S that I am sadly washing my hands of the task and his response was “let me take a look before you do that”. To which I replied with” I am confident you would be able to complete the task. I am not comfortable asking you you to for a plethora of reasons.” To which he replied “fair enough, you can repay me in cheesecake“.

Let me fill you in on the history of that, the first week I met Mr.S we shared a heavenly piece of cheesecake (from a local place), I promised to make him a New York Style cheesecake when he came back from holiday with his kids. I did, it was divine, I gave him half (to take home and savor) and shared the other half with my kids. He loved loved loved the homemade cheesecake. He still says everything pales by comparison.

I am stubborn ,tenacious, strong willed, but I will always admit when I am wrong and make amends for it. I know Mr.S could help me with all the repairs that are needed around my house, I will not ask, I probably will not let him either. I do not want my “need” for help to shadow our friendship, I have lots of guy friends and if I need something I can ask. I wont, why you say? Because it feels good to be able to say I did this and that, and have total bragging rights. It feels good to say I replaced the toilet, guts and all, or the hot water heater, or to show off the amazing design and paint job I did in my kids rooms. Now if I could figure out how to upload a photo I would show you, silly me.

So now I have a dilemma, Mr.S is expecting to come and help me with the sink repairs, I do not want him to. My “honey do list” is mine, I’ll not put it onto someone else. He has his own remodel he is in the middle of with his house, he does not need the distraction of my problems.

I can hear it now, why? you are being stupid. Am I? I know when people ask me to do things I do not take pleasure in doing it can be irritating at best. And even if I enjoy a task such as working in the garden, I probably will not take pleasure working in someone else s garden. Does that make sense?

I feel compelled to say I am rather conflicted about a few things and now see this is not one of my better posts, please accept my apology (wait a minute way am I apologizing, this is my blog). I can be a dufus sometimes.


One comment on “Plumbing is not my skill set

  • I like you have a long honey do list and no one to do it. I do not feel comfortable trying projects because I fear I will do more harm than good. Therefore my list keeps getting longer until i can afford to hire someone to tackle some of the work. I see where you want to be independent and I applaud you for this. However, I do think a functioning sink is important and wonder if it might be ok just this once to let Mr. S help. I know you will make the right decision as you are very smart. Keep us informed of how it turns out. Have a great week. 🙂

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