not so comfortable in my skin today

Published July 24, 2013 by emotionless brain

I am feeling very conflicted with a plethora of things. I am trying to compose my thoughts, currently without success otherwise I would actually be saying something rather than babbling this nonsense.

I HATE brain blocks, AKA brain constipation. I have things to say and cannot say them, when this happens I retreat. Not sure if retreat is the healthiest of patterns, but until I get better at expressing myself it is the safest (my communication patterns are not so effective).

A girlie made her 2013 resolution to speak her mind, she and I are actually on opposite but parallel paths. I have always spoken my mind unknowingly to my own detriment. I am committed to not speaking my mind without edit function. The edit function development did not start until mid 30’s, something my father never developed organically making it difficult for me to.

Life is good, I am still employed, kids are well, feathers are good, furbabies are good, not sure about Mr.S have not herd much since we parted ways after our wonderful weekend on Sunday. I promise to write more later.


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