this is #200

Published July 28, 2013 by emotionless brain

In eight months I am now publishing my 200th post. Thank you all for seeing me thru this and supporting me. Words cannot express my gratitude.

I have opened the previous blogs back up to “public” view, as the need for self preservation no longer exists.  Enjoy, and invite your friends, I am in need of all the validation I can get right now.


5 comments on “this is #200

  • What’s going on. You okay? I love your blogs. Have been going back to the beginning, have read a few of the first, and will read more as time goes on. You have come a long way, baby. You’ve “let your hair down” and awakened more than your sexuality. You are happier, the kids are happier, and probably the fur babies and feathers, too. Did I miss a post about your resignation from current job? And yes, someday, your blogs would make a very interesting book. I will be first in line for your autograph.

    Love you,


    • You are too kind, not sure my writing is developed enough to publish. These musings are more therapeutic in nature than entrepreneurial. If you read from the beginning (a whopping eight months) you will see the transformation in the writings. They like me are getting better with age and experience. Not to toot my own horn toot toot…………….

  • I saw that you’d said someone commented on how your voice has changed and you’ve grown as a blogger – and I wanted to say it’s true! You’ve found your voice, and your blog blossoms because of it.

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