I have made a decision

Published July 30, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have always been an animal person. I love animals, a year ago I was volunteering with a rescue for a year and took in a few foster dogs. Well the number of small dogs in my house grew, I am up to seven.

Apparently the whole dog issue is quite contentions and I now understand while I love each and every one of the furbabies I need to reduce the number. I will be looking to adopt out a few of them. This will be tough for all of us, the kids and myself, but we will be healthier for it.


3 comments on “I have made a decision

  • Good decision. Too many dogs in one home. I know its hard. Everytime I see an adorable dog I want to take it in. But I know that I can only manage the one I have. Good luck.

  • I learnt the same lesson from Bobo about when it’s time to re-home a pet, albeit in a slightly different way. I re-homed him to the Sanctuary because he deserved it, and likewise I deserved to be safe.

    Good luck! If I had space, I would adopt a furbaby from you in a heartbeat.

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