crazy week

Published August 15, 2013 by emotionless brain

I am finally in my new role at my new job, and today the “regional coordinator” finally left. Starting tomorrow I will be able to fully integrate with the other person that is key on my team. I will be glad when I have my teeth into things and can start working my magic.

Call me weird or a geek or whatever but I love logistics, and coordination of them. I have stepped into a hornets nest that has not only not been managed well, but is close to dissipating. Who me up for a challenge? Absolutely, and I will rise like no other to the occasion.

School starts next week for my kids, yeah finally back to a routine that is comfortable. Summer always throws everything out of whack and it is impossible to keep things functional. My son has moved out again, back to his uncles house. Probably for the best, he is in a state that just will not allow for us to work things out. This breaks my heart, but it is for the best. It will allow me time to focus on my daughter who has suffered because of my sons behavior.

Life is good, feathers are settling down for the night, furbabies will be asleep soon, my daughter has gone to bed and is dreaming of lollipops and lip gloss. I will head there soon, after I complete some work.


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