no wind in my sail today

Published September 9, 2013 by emotionless brain

For work I had to travel to a neighboring town about three hours away today, I had to do one of my infamous audits. I am still trying to get the hang of what it is my company wants from the audits (it is not completely clear cut). Anyway I have been up since 0330, I woke and could not fall back asleep. I was on the road by 0645, my daughter was up dressed and had breakfast before I left. She had a 40 min wait to read or play until she walked to a neighbor for a ride to school. I am comfortable leaving her at home alone for brief periods.

My phone was ringing bright and early like always, clients with problems, On my three hour drive I made a few calls I needed to to close the loop with a few specific issues. Which was excellent for me, clients are busy, but they like it when you call just to make sure all is well and commitments were fulfilled as promised. All of my clients like me, my boss loves me, it is the things out of my jurisdiction that impact the clients and are really screwing the operation up. For example staffing, what staff we do have leave a lot to be desired, I sometimes wonder if a warm body is worth it at all.

The entire weekend not one of my clients were provided service acceptably, I am really frustrated by this. I have been asked to sit tight, my regional director will be coming to town in about 10 days to have a CTJ talk with my counterpart that is not pulling her weight. She has been with the company for four years, so they are giving her the benefit of the doubt, and she will be given 30 days to get it together of she will be out the door. I must say I am impressed that the company is willing to give her another 30 days. I have been in position  three weeks, and she has yet to get much of anything accurate. I know people need their jobs, but this is serious, I am uncomfortable knowing how badly she is messing up.

On my way home I guess my car decided it wanted to kiss another car, so collide I did. No injuries on either side, but it will be an expensive repair, and I am considered at fault. I was changing lanes I had my blinker on, I looked in my passenger mirror as I went to look over my right shoulder kaBOOM. my front passenger tire smashed into her driver side door. Fantastic, now I have to sort out with my employer how to handle repairs because I was traveling for work. I have a $1000 collision deductible (I did not set up the policy I would have never chosen such a high deductible).

I have a headache, I am tired, and I am feeling vacant.

I am still in motion, and some day I will be bale to say “life is good” and mean it, definitely not today.


3 comments on “no wind in my sail today

  • Your job sounds very challenging now which is exactly what you need. I know what it is like to work with people who don’t pull their weight. In my current job I am the only person who does what I do. I am in total control of it all. I like it because I don’t have to depend on too many others to do my work. The downside is that my work is very stressful and never ends. I work at least 8 hours every day and then usually come home and work some more not to mention weekends. I know that before long you will be in the swing of things. I am sorry about your car. I hope you don’t end up with too much trouble getting it fixed. Have a good week. 🙂

  • I’m sorry to hear about the accident. That always ends up feeling like a violation of the world, to me at least. Thankfully you’re not physically injured. Time heals everything, even cars.

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