A day of atonement

Published September 14, 2013 by emotionless brain

Today is the day of atonement in the Jewish religion. Jewish people across the world are fasting (or not) asking for forgiveness for their sins over the past year. I do not understand pieces of this custom and concept.

Why only one day to atone for wrong doings, why not ask for forgiveness each and every time a wrong is done? Why fast one special day as punishment? What about all the days I do not get to eat? Do those count?

While I take my religion seriously, I do not necessarily agree with all of the rituals and customs. I live my life by gods law, if I have done something wrong or egregious, I immediately make my apologies and seek forgiveness. I do not save all of my wrong doings (hopefully there are not many) for one day, I deal with each event in life as it happens.

My girlie told me something that is absolutely unbelievable about some spiritual leaders. I trust the source that said it, but I am still in shock. During Yom Kippur you are supposed to fast and pray and study Torah for upwards of 25+ hours (that is what the Orthodox and more religious individuals do), allegedly now some people are using caffeine suppositories. They will not drink or eat anything, but the will put caffeine up their butts? That is seriously twisted.

I am still in motion, some day life will be good again.


2 comments on “A day of atonement

  • I hope they will soon invent a ham and cheese suppository, or at least bagel with lox. That sure would help us get through our sins faster.

  • I am a practicing catholic who doesn’t agree will all aspects of my religion either. Like the no sex before marriage rule. Hello we are only human and you even get to test drive a car before you buy it. lol I agree with you that you should try to fix wrongs as they happen and not wait for a special day. I hope your weekend goes well and that soon your life will be good again. 🙂

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