interesting people at work

Published September 20, 2013 by emotionless brain

my new job is working for a company owned and operated by women. It is very interesting. The higher ups are also mostly all women, and at least one poof that I know of.

The past couple of weeks my regional director was on an assignment that took her completely out of pocket for longer than expected. So another regional stepped in because I asked for help. Being the new kid on the block, and with things breaking loose like they are I was not comfortable making certain decisions.

This person turned out to be a spitfire of an individual, and a kindred spirit to me. From the word go she and I have been teamed up and supporting each other. Our spirits are kindred because we are both survivors of life’s battles, hers were physical (born premature with underdeveloped lungs, a father who smoked five packs a day, asthma and COPD in her late teens, eight miscarriages, ovarian CA), my life battles were emotional and mental with a little bit of physical.

When we talk even if it is about work (she is a boss, just not my direct boss) we fill in each others sarcasms, and other conversations about non work are always fun too. She landed in the hospital this week asthma and COPD flare up, and one of her first text (she could not breathe to talk) was “I did not wear my hospital underwear”, I shot back “don’t you keep spare in the car, I do”, to which she replied “yes but those are sexier than these”.

This girl is a hoot. she is in the hospital O2 sats of 85% at rest, worried about her sexy nundies. Keeping life amusing…

Someday we will meet face to face, but for now a long distance girlie is a welcomed friendship for me.


I am still in motion, in fact I am on my way to “Dork does Zumba” right now. Someday I will be able to say Life is good again too!


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