my girlie and my non girlie

Published September 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

A couple of months ago I resigned from a job that I held for two and a half years. I have stayed on as a consultant for a few reasons one because there was not anyone to continue my tasks, and two because I had 260 hours PTO on the books and they could not afford to pay it all at once. They needed a few months to pay it out. I have since hired my replacement who has also become a good friend. Kind of like my friend at my new job we connected from word go (a different connection,, but a connection none the less).

We will call this friend Mr. NG, he is 15 years my junior, and absolutely hysterical. Mr. NG came over yesterday and hung out for hours (invited, and wanted). It always intrigues me when people say men and women cannot be friends, yes they can just leave the sex part out. While my repertoire with Mr. NG is lighthearted, fun, and goofy we do not have any “desire” towards each other (making for a perfect “non-girlie” friend).

Yesterday my girlie and I texted a little, and somehow for the first time we went out on the town. She had Mr. P in tow, I introduced my girlie and Mr. NG. It was and interesting evening, I for the first time danced with her “dance partner“, for nearly a year I have been hearing about dance partner this and dance partner that. I met Mr.P at her birthday party, but did not have an opportunity have a conversation get a feel for him.

We went to listen to Latin Music, I love Latin music (always have), I just do not know how to dance to it very well. My girlie insisted I dance with her dance partner, it was alright he and I do not have a connection like she and he have to be in sync and feel the same rhythm. No I did not dance with Mr. NG, not even at prompting. You see a man and a woman can be friends, just leave the sex out of it, and folks dancing is mostly about sex (at least Latin dancing is in my opinion).

As my girlie was making her exit she said something to me about “why not?” with Mr. NG, I responded with “absolutely not”. Not because there is anything wrong with him, but because I do not see Mr. NG in that light. He is purely platonic, without a mutual interest in changing it.

I am still in motion, Dork did Zumba yesterday and will do Yoga today, and someday I will be able to say “life is good”, just not today.


One comment on “my girlie and my non girlie

  • One piece of advice–I would be very cautious about befriending people with whom you work. Friends are people you have known for a long time, unrelated to work. I had painful experiences “befriending” work associates. They can and will stab you in the back if they can move ahead of you. Just be careful about how much you reveal of your personal side so you won’t have regrets later.

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