I have another headache

Published September 29, 2013 by emotionless brain

Growing up I had horrible migraine headaches, so horrid that I would spend days on end in a dark, cold room, puking my toenails up. When I was a child migraines were not diagnosed in children, or at least not in me. As an adult I sought testing and diagnosis, I learned I had two different types of headaches one being true migraine, the second being tension headache. The tension headache often organically turned into migraines because I had not learned how to manage myself or the headache. There were a few tricks I learned with experience first (and not realistically) avoid the kind of stress that would trigger a massive debilitating headache, second if I felt tension building in my head take something as quickly as possible. For the migraines, I had to learn what foods triggered me (and I did in early adulthood), stay away from those foods, then I tried every migraine medicine on the market, and a few off label meds. Once I found what worked (avoiding what did not) I stick to that regiment until it stops working, and yes everything stops working after a while, and something else starts working.

Since I have had my two children I seemed to have almost subsided the debilitating headaches, or maybe I have gotten better at managing things who knows. I know that having children does change your chemistry, and everything else about your body. I have had less than a handful of headaches since my divorce five years ago (my youngest was four at the time). That is a welcomed epiphany.

Anyway last week ended with a slight headache, I have been burning the candle at both ends, work and work, while trying to also have a social life, and keeping up with my children social calendar. Work has been very stressful, I think tomorrow will be the beginning of cutting dead weight from the team will begin. Sadly some people will quit or be fired, I never want to see anyone loose their job, but if you cannot perform as expected its time to cut bait.

Saturday I woke not wanting to get out of bed, tired, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I got up, eventually and tended to my daughter, and laid back down in bed. I guess I basically slept most of the day, and night. I woke Sunday feeling weird, typical when I do not follow routine. I want to crawl out of my skin (fellow ADD/ADHD’ers know what I mean when you miss a dose and do not take it for 48+ hours). Strangely I was not hungry Saturday (the first 48 hours after a missed dose I eat more than usual, but then it tapers off), nor today. I took my daughter to gymnastics practice, and went shopping.

My headache is almost resolved, still lingering way way in the back of my head. I hope it does not come back, those are the worst headaches just when you think it is gone BAM it jumps up and bites you hard taking you down for the count.

I am still in motion, although I declined Dork Does Zumba or Yoga this weekend.


3 comments on “I have another headache

  • Ohhh, I so get heaps of headaches and sympathise. A lot comes from my meds and if I don’t sleep well. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works for me is Nurofen. Lol
    You want to crawl into a hole, don’t you? I hope things improved for you. Hugs Paula xxxx

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