dork does body pump

Published October 7, 2013 by emotionless brain

I tried a new thing at the gym, “body pump”. It seems I am less dorky there, I have one left foot and one right foot instead of three left feet like dork does zumba or yoga.

I’ll try it again, just need to ensure I do not run into anyone I know there. I am on a mission to avoid people I know, and it is not who you think it is. So meh!

I told you that you would not understand, so please do not try to.


3 comments on “dork does body pump

  • I am excited for you! Body pump is awesome! I wish you luck sitting on the toilet tomorrow though 😉 yout legs are going to be jello. Don’t give up, give it three or so classes to get out of your mind and what’s going on in the class and to really get into the feeling in your body.

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