and another day passes

Published October 8, 2013 by emotionless brain

I am not feeling very charming, or like I even have much to say. I will share some of what my day involved, it had its amusing parts.

First thing this morning I had to close the loop on a client issue from yesterday, fortunately I was ahead of the game and was able to protect our employees from the chaotic psychotic lying client (we may pick our friends and maybe some of our family but we cannot choose the clients or their employees). The client said and did one thing to and in front of our employee, then when the truth began unfolding she changed her story. I told the employee “I had her back”, and I meant it. This morning I spoke to my regional manager and was agreed there were faults on both parts, and that our employee was not necessarily in the wrong. I called the employee and reviewed the whole situation and made a suggestion what she might do differently if there is ever a next time. She said she was up all night sweating this, I told her I had it covered, and I meant it. She rambled about why do people play games like that, I responded that everyone answers to their maker some day. So long as she knows in her heart what she does is right, then she is good with her maker. It felt good to be able to support an employee like that.

This afternoon I mistakenly got a call from a client in another territory, none the less I helped them and got them what they needed. That felt good that from another state I was still able to accomplish satisfying a client.

I know time heals all wounds, but does there ever come a time when the wounds stop producing?


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