eek there is a mouse in my house

Published October 13, 2013 by emotionless brain

I had to poke fun at my girlie. She texted me 0630 this morning because there was a mousie peeking out from the fake fire place. I was cracking up as  I was getting dressed to go to her house.

I am sure I was not the first person she called, but probably the only one that responded. Her boyfriend who knows, movie guy out of town with his new flavor of the month, that left me. There I was to her rescue, of course the furry critter was long gone before I got there. I sat with her and had tea, she had coffee we chatted (something we have not done much of lately) her kids playing around us.

She calls me fearless (little does she know). Even when I am afraid, I never show it, when I am scared I do not allow anyone to see. I have always confronted my fears head on, when I tried bungee jumping at first I was SCARED, the first time they had to push me off the platform, but by the fifth time I was jumping on my own. That is pretty much how I have dealt with anything I was scared of. Keep doing it until it did not bother me anymore.

My girlie, she does not have the same tenacity to face her fears (I am not saying that in a derogatory tone), she has tenacity she is a consumer debt attorney for the consumer not corporate. That takes some chutzpah, not for the weak minded or faint hearted.

So the mousie was long gone, until tonight, tee hee. She went and got glue boards, and mouse traps and mouse poison, and made the atypical mistake, she put cheese to “entice” the mouse. If you have ever set mouse traps you know a mouse will ignore cheese, nut butter is the best they go crazy for peanut butter. Mousie stuck his little head out again tonight. My girlie is sleeping in her three year old’s room.

I am chuckling with you girlie not at you.


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