the quiet is settling back in

Published October 18, 2013 by emotionless brain

After having lunch with my muse the other day my mind has been so much more at ease. The muse does thing even my therapist (who by the way also reads my blog) can not do, he puts things into a perspective I cannot see with anyone else.I was thinking about what I said about him the other day, I really do not see him in a fatherly way, more like an older big brother. I think he is only like seven years older than I. I have a hard time with that, because I have three biological half brothers that despise me and treat me worse than dirt. So I absolutely in no way would want to accidentally put my muse even close to the same category as those jack-wads.

Anyway back to the topic, I have noticed for the past two days my mind has been much calmer, quieter, and more at ease. Thank you muse!!!! Not to give the muse too much credit but I have also noticed that the sadness that was lingering in the back of my mind has also dissipated. That is a good thing, means I will be able to laugh more easily, find humor more readily, and work towards becoming that jovial person I liked so much from the summer. I whipped through work yesterday, and today, well I played hooky during business hours and went to get my hair straightened, but I will make up for it with after hours work.

I lost my first client today at work, and did not even flinch. Three people called to console me, and I simply said it is business not personal, BTW I am not that sensitive can we get back to work? Seriously, why is there so much drama? Get your big girl panties on and do your job. I am so calm at the moment not sure if anything could really phase me, look a squirrel. hahahahaha

This is for one specific person that asked, Feathers are all good, furbabies are all good, kids are all good. I am good, and life will be good again some day.


5 comments on “the quiet is settling back in

    • They have, two of the three actually speak to me (when they have to), and one of them is actually helping with my son.
      That being said I am a better person for the lessons I have learned thru my life’s experiences. I do not begrudge them, they are a product of the poisoned environment they were raised in.

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