dork did zumba and body pump again

Published October 28, 2013 by emotionless brain

Saturday morning bright and early my girlie that had a first date Fri night was texting me “Zumba, come join”. I was tired,I had been at a client site until nearly 2100 the evening before, and I was still sore from “dork did body pump last week”. ButI got up got dressed and was there in no time flat.

This particular instructor I describe as “the club dancing zumba”. I get that Zumba is all about watching yourself in the mirror, but seriously this one spent entirely too much time grinding with herself in the mirror. About half way thru I realized my neck and back were not appreciating my doirking to zumba.

It was a little bit easier to follow my girlie that was smack in front of me, I felt less out of step. I also did not push myself quite as hard as I usually push. I pushed too hard at body pump, the weights are light, and so it is easier to push more and more repetitions into the routine, and maybe a few extra pounds too. I have been increasing my protein intake, forcing myself to drink chalky drinks, and eating nutritional bars with higher protein content.

I realize I will never have the hard body I had 20 years ago, I certainly can shape up the muscles I do have and look pretty rock solid. Yes I am stroking myself…


A little ego and self absorbment wont hurt me or anyone else.


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