deep in thought

Published November 3, 2013 by emotionless brain

You guessed it, when I go silent I am deep in thought.

a few months ago my daughter was enveloped into a family that I thought the mom and I were mature adult friends. They were helping me by sharing after school child care, as well as many other things, our daughters have gone to school together for nearly five years. About a month ago my daughter was invited by this other family to spend Halloween with them, to go trick or treating, and whatever else the plans were. Wednesday the mom “uninvited” my daughter for Halloween, yes the day before. In my book this is a “bitch move”, and personal. I was challenged to consider it differently, and I have examined the scenario from every angle possible. I still can not see it as anything else but, I have considered that the family’s plans changed, they were told they could not bring a +1, and I still can not for the life of me understand why my daughter was just uninvited, no explanation, no excuse, nothing just told she was no longer invited.

Add insult to injury I get a text from this person at 2100 on Thursday evening stating effective immediately she would no longer transport my child to the after school activity that is five blocks from her house on Fridays. Yet another “bitch” move, no notice, no discussion, nothing. I have lost all regard and respect for this individual. I thought she was a friend, I have stood by her thru very grueling times during the beginning of her divorce when her husband was having her followed, and spied on. Nor did I judge her when she came clean about her extra-marital affair before her divorce. Nor have I judged her since in all of her insane “divorce crazies”. Yet she can not show me common courtesy or civility because she is or was sleeping with/dating a man I used to date. Seriously?

I guess this gives her power, reality check babe; you are enjoying my sloppy seconds.

Do not fuck with me or my daughter again or there will be some very ugly words. I do not appreciate your behavior and I am at my limit.


One comment on “deep in thought

  • Damn, this is a toughy. Maybe you have to choose your so-called friends more carefully. What a bitch. And to take this out on a child is reprehensible. She (the x-friend) has some serious problems. She has proven not to be a very moral person, and jumped right into bed with your other x-friend. She is a worthless piece of shit. You are better off without her, but I hope your daughter has not suffered from this rejection. It’s not about her.

    Love you.

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