ahh trials and tribulations

Published November 14, 2013 by emotionless brain

What a busy week. Monday was an audit for work. Tuesday was parent teacher conferences in the am, then work. Wednesday another audit for work. Today, I was actually stationary for work at the office, until I learned that tomorrow I have to drive equipment 300 miles one way to another location, and bring back other equipment for my location. Woot woot to me.

I go to the pharmacy to fill my RX and my sons only to learn the ex-husband did not bother to take care of cobra coverage for the kids when he switched employers, and my sons Rx cash out of pocket for two Rx will be about $500. So I called him and inquired, he was cavalier and flippant and non responsive. Typical, he has absolutely no accountability in any of it. It is all someones else s fault, allegedly the previous employer would not send him the COBRA info until after his final employment date (which by the way was close to a week ago), yes he knows he is violation of the divorce decree, but it’s not his fault. Not like he has to live with the child ever much less not on his ADD medication. Not like he will be the one getting the call form the school when the child is in trouble because he does not have his Rx. Oh but he loves his kids and would do anything for them, so long as it is convenient for he and his bigot wife and does not require them to spend one extra dime of their hard earned money on anyone but them selves and her son that lives with them. Ten minutes later I get a text from him or his wife I do not know, asking for the pharmacy address stating he would go and get the Rx tomorrow when he picks up my daughter for her visit (the boy only goes when there is nothing better to do around home). We will see what comes to fruition tomorrow, I am confident that he will not spend the $500 it will take to get the Rx, which I know if he gets the insurance retro activated will reimburse for the meds minus the copay. I do not have the money to put out, and for once it is time for him to sacrifice if need be for the good of his child, and fight to get his own money back instead of me.

Hum, let me analyze for a moment, am I angry here? Hum, not really angry more frustrated and aggravated with the stupidity of it all. But definitely not angry. I expect stupidity from my ex-husband, he is after all my ex (judge me not for the company I used to keep) ha ha ha

This was a good week to commiserate with my girlie about stupid ex-husbands, her son’s Bar Mitzvah is impending, and unlike mine her ex is Jewish and has decided that he will allow her father (who pays for most of the kids necessities) and one of her two brothers but not her sisters husband an aliyah but at number five and seven after all of his extended family. For me, the ex is not Jewish and therefore would not be invited or welcomed to accept an aliyah or even stand on the pulpit. So who is there to stand up for my son, I guess it will have to be his uncles (who are not my biggest advocates), I can live with the cards that have been dealt to me. I know for certain there will be at least two maybe all three if I am lucky of my half brothers to accept aliyah’s at my son’s bar mitzvah.

I have a tender spot in my heart about all of this for my girlie, she has yet to learn to live with the cards dealt, she claims not to “waste time/energy/or emotions” on anything regarding her ex; but I see and hear thru her words. Out of care for her when she calls me to kvetch about her ex, or what he has done I listen, never judging, or having an opinion about any of it. But in doing that I am unable to validate her in any way either, sadly. Do not get me wrong, I have my thoughts about things, I just do not tell her. When she talks to me about such things she is not looking for my opinion on things, more just a safe place to vent and sort.

I am still in motion, but have not been able to make it to the gym in three weeks now argh. Feathers are sleeping, furbabies are dreaming about tail wags and bones, my daughter is fast asleep (especially tired this eve), I am off to the land of ZZZZzzzzz.


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