My kids are home

Published August 5, 2014 by emotionless brain

My kids went to two sessions at camp this summer (two three and a half week sessions) with a five day break in between they came home for. It was a long arduous summer for me for multiple reasons. First I was away from both kids for nearly two months, second my last three paychecks bounced and one of the replacement checks also bounced (that alone has nearly defeated me), third I was unable to take advantage of the time without my kids to do anything for myself.

The biggest news is that after a year of my son living with my half brother two blocks away they (my brother and his wife) unilaterally decided my son was too much for them and they do not want him to return. No transition, no discussion, just he is no longer welcome there. Apparently they got a taste of how difficult my son really is, and honestly they did not see the half of it. They never had to physically restrain the boy (I have had to when he was out of control raging).

So I now am faced to figure out by the seat of my pants how to incorporate my son back into my household. It has been my daughter and I for the past year and yes we have a routine (and are not accustom to having a boy in the house).


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