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Published October 5, 2014 by emotionless brain

The past few months have been quite grueling for me. I suspect have slipped a little backwards with depression. I have done so well since 2010 when I did a revolutionary treatment called Nexalin Therapy that allowed me to stop all medications (except my ADHD meds). I never felt better, I wonder why I took all those chemicals for all those years all without resolve. I stayed away from the mood stabilizers I always got a bad vibe from that family of medications. A couple months ago I did a week of booster Nexalin treatments, and are still waiting to dream in colour again (that was one of the amazing side effects the last time was nearly a year of dreaming in colour.

Work has become a burden, and not one worth bearing. I used to love my job and what i did, not anymore. When I converse with people from work all I hear is “blah blah blah, mine, I need blah blah I want, you owe me, blah blah”. I thought corporate had an epiphany and was actually agreeing on changing things to improve workflows, sadly not and I was the patsy this time.

I have both kids at home, and are struggling because the other parents are too stuck up to car-pool with me. This makes it terribly difficult for me to do my job effectively (although up until now I have been squeaking by). I admit I am a workaholic, why is that such a bad thing? I have work a tenacious work ethic, and proud of it. Why does the world have a problem with it?


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