I have been working really hard at using my Wise Mind

Today got the best of me. I work for a relatively large corporation. It is a free for all when it comes to management, and other people take it upon themselves to publically reprimand other people that are not even their responsibility. I have been with this company two years now and have been reprimanded via email by people who are not my boss or supervisor (and not my supervisors boss either) multiple times to a multitude of individuals. I call it public shaming, it is unprofessional and inappropriate. It is allowed and no one does anything about it. Today I flipped back to one of the legal team members that publically reprimanded me, and told her I was simply reporting facts as they were reported to me, and that I do not appreciate being publically reprimanded.  I know I should not have responded, but I am so tired of this happening over and over. While I do not think my job will be in jeopardy, I know it was wrong, and I should not have done it. My wise mind told me not to but the impulse control got the best of me.


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