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Optics are what they are

Published April 3, 2017 by emotionless brain

As I reflect on conversations of recent, I realize there have been multiple on the subject of “optics”. Optics tend to rule when it comes to human nature. My concept is what if we expand our ability to see things differently.

For example, there are 10 ways to skin a cat, correct? I say way five is the best, you may say way three is the best, and Sandra says way nine is the best. All of this is dependent on the environment and person skinning the cat (no cats were harmed in the writing of this post). Is it possible that all ways have merit? Each person has their own optics, but if we make a conscious choice to change ourselves and how we perceive things hopefully we can also change the negative perception of things.

Society, in general, has taken such a negative direction in the past 20 years. There is so much negativity and so many unimaginable events that occur daily. I propose for one month instead of reacting to something you see or hear, stop take a deep breath and consider other perspectives of the same thing. People, please stop perpetuating the cycle of negativity, seriously why would you want to repost anything about raping, maiming, or killing? It is no small surprise there is so much of it occurring, 90% of what I see reposted on Facebook presents to be re-enforcing that it is what society wants to see.

My optics of reposting may be to spread news, your optics may be to share an experience similar to one you had (possibly to help you heal from your experience), another person may get some perverse pleasure from spreading negativity. All are possible, it takes higher thought process to break lower consciousness from taking over.


drama at work

Published September 26, 2013 by emotionless brain

I was toying with either going to a “dork does zumba, or dork does yoga”. Instead I will have therapy via writing;

I am loving my new job, it is such a good fit for me in so many ways, it is not perfect. Actually it has been an upward battle from day one (and yes I still love it), you see my counter part in my operation/division leaves a lot to be desired. I think she is a decent person, she is a decent employee (she has been with the company for four years), but (yes there is a BUT here) she is in over her head. Apparently she was in the position I am in now and was not having success so the company shifted her to a different position trying to salvage things, sadly it appears they did not really think the shift all the way thru with a cause and effect diagram. If someone is unable to be successful in a position that  mandates attention to detail, and follow thru then to put them in charge of “operations” at any level is a recipe for disaster. Guess what, disaster has struck, and my ops/region is blowing up.
Fortunately I am strong enough to laugh in the face of adversity, and so I am prevailing. The clients love me (once they finally get a taste of what I am capable of), the employees do not report directly to me (unless they cannot reach their supervisor, which seems to be frequently), then she gets her knickers in a twist when they talk to me. You see I make ops decisions based on FACT, experience, knowledge, and training. Not emotion, desire, selfishness, or which way the wind is blowing. I try to plan for what may happen several steps ahead of the game, that way there are no surprises, and no unhappy clients.

You see my job is client satisfaction, I coordinate whatever it takes to keep the client happy, I need someone who is also a team player and not worried about them self or if their idea or plan is better or not. I live by “work smarter, not harder.” I have asked my team mate many times for things, and to do things over and over again. I still have clients without supplies, or their services provided within the time line promised by the contract. This makes me frustrated the first time, the second time I get short tempered, by the third time I am PO. Is it that difficult to do your job? That is why the company pays you is to do a job.

This week the Regional Director has been in town and primarily running things, this other person was sent on daily tasks outside the office (I do not frequent the office, I primarily work from home, or the client sites). Today the other person called me and inquired if “we needed to have a talk”, I responded with not understanding what she was referencing. She said that she has been informed that I have been speaking disparagingly (her words were less eloquent) of her. I responded with that could not be further from the truth, in fact I have defended her position ion that I could not do what she is doing (duh, nor would I work harder instead of smarter, and refuse anyone’s help). She was on a fishing expedition plain and simple. I think she is finally getting a clue (it only took four days).

The regional has confided everything to me, she is disgusted beyond words at the amount of cover up that has been going on for who knows how long. News flash, if something is too good, too quiet, no problems for too long that is a red flag. There have been many conversations going around, and trying to find another position for this person, no body wants to see her loose her job. We have even discussed making a position using her skills (she does have some) to the companies advantage, but now en light of her new behavior there is concern that she may sabotage the client relations and that would kill business.

So Monday the deed will be done, and re-organizing will begin. Even if someone else was hired, they need to go thru training, so it will be a few weeks before a new person will step in. I have volunteered to step up as much as possible (I have been director of operations, and operations coordinator in other jobs) to help. I suggested tonight to my regional that she give it a day or two to see what fur flies and what fur sticks, before she decides what to do with whom. I fully expect with the current riff raft that is employed in the worker bee positions to get all caught up in the drama, and begone. None too soon for me. We cannot begin to fix and change things when there is so much negativity.

I have total faith that sanity and calmness will be restored. I long for the day when I do not get a phone call from an upset client. Until then I have job security, and that is nothing to be taken lightly.

Long week, still not over

Published February 28, 2013 by emotionless brain

What a long week, and it still is not over. Monday morning I had a meeting with a Rabbi to discuss planning my sons Bar Mitzvah (who is getting ole him or me?), check, got that on the calendar for one year from now. Now I have to figure out how to pay for Bar Mitzvah lessons, and then to pay for the extravaganza my son deserves. Holy moly, this is insane.

Tuesday I had to go to a client site to meet yet again to discuss HL7 and revisit why their system still will not communicate effectively with our system. Boring, and such a waste of my time, why does it matter I get paid the same? Because I prefer to measure successes, rather than absorbing my paycheck because it is owed to me. Then I was supposed to meet the packers at my office to instruct them on packing for the move planned on Wednesday. Got back to my office to learn the packers have been rescheduled to Wednesday Morning, and the movers for Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, got to the office and hte packers were there, yeah one thing went as planned. Then noon came and went, no movers, then we were told 1315, came and went, no movers (not my first rodeo, and not a rodeo I was willing to be late for). Finally somewhere around 1500 they showed up, yeah let’s make it happen capin. They had barely begun when we got a call some prat in the building complained, apparently there is a building rule “no moving furniture during business hours”, are you for real? Yup so the movers took just the boxes, and delivered them to where we are being shipped to (I call it the dump, it is an ancient building that is archaic, antiquated, and smells). Then we get an email from one of the bosses, stating movers are available tomorrow at 1700, who wants to stay late? You can imagine everyone jumped at the chance for what? To stay late and not get paid (no overtime when you are salary). I replied sorry, I am unavailable after 1800, then the next declination to stay late (another salary person), then the next declination (and from the hourly person). Not once did I notice any of the bosses offering to inconvenience themselves (all for the good of the company), finally the last person in the email group (and by my opinion the weakest of the group) piped up and changed her schedule to stay late tomorrow for the movers. SUCKER.

Come Monday I will have the pleasure of driving an additional 30 min to and from work (petrol here is $3.50gal), and I will have to figure out all the boxes, unpack (I was surprised they payed for packers, forget unpacking), reorganize my “stuff”, oh did I mention that at the new location I am sharing an office space with someone else? I will have a little mini desk in a corner to house a computer, two monitors, a telephone, laser printer, etc. There will be no room in the space for the multiple filing cabinets I need, that I will just have to walk elsewhere (and multiple different elsewhere s) to get what I need. Admittedly I have ADHD and are easily distracted, as an experienced adult with this I have learned how to set up productive work environments to be successful in, and having to go anywhere much less multiple where’s is a recipe for disaster. All the while staying current on my previously assigned tasks that allow for absolutely no breathing room (meaning not one moment of spare time while all being crucially time sensitive to the bosses).

Why is it so easy for me to find negative in all of this? I do not like it when all I can find is negativity. That is not the person I like to be.

Life is good, I am employed. Furbies are furry sleeping dreaming about peanut butter treats, feathers are not flying but dreaming of flying. Kids are tucked in bed (I will write about my son another time, today was not good for him either).

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