I was lied to and…

Published July 4, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have lost respect for my new job. I went to the Doc two weeks ago inquiring about my securities in the billing system that they had been changed and it was impacting my ability to do the part of my job she would allow me to do. Her response was “oh I do not know anything about it, I will have to cal support and figure it out”.

Yesterday I was working with support on something unrelated, and was informed that the Doc had specifically called support and requested my securities reduced (because she does not know how to navigate in the system). You can imagine my surprise and total embarrassment, especially when they said the reason I am having difficulty with the task was because I did not have enough security to perform the task. The person who was telling me this has no investment one way or the other, they actually stand to benefit more by the success of the practice than the failure. I was also informed about some history of the practice, how the Doc has a reputation of being passive-aggressive and self destructive. How there have been others before me that have had the same goal, the success of the practice, and how each one was run off by the Doc in the same fashion.

I am an honest person, I do not steal, cheat or lie. The first payday at this job I was paid incorrectly, I was paid for two weeks and was only supposed to be paid for one, also I was not supposed to be paid for the day I took off to take my kids to camp, when I realized this I went to the Doc and said something, now I wonder did she do that on purpose or was it a test? Really? Puleeze, why play games? Why jack with people? There are easier and more effective ways to validate peoples loyalties, and honesty.

The Doc took off yesterday and is out of town, but the office staff was expected to work, so like a dutiful employee I was at work. The system was not working so I was asked to look into it so I did, while checking onto the problem the server crashed. The girls in the office began “ganging up” on me, mocking me, being borderline verbally abusive, blatantly accusing me of  sabotaging the system. They then called the Doc (out of town) and boo-hooed to her about “what I had been doing”. Surprisingly (not) when all the girls were at lunch the Doc called and inquired about the “problems” that occurred earlier, I told her verbatim the sequence of events, and that I had been blatantly accused of sabotage.  She then began giving the old speech about “don’t let it bother you, yadda yadda”.

My decision is that this is not a healthy environment for me (or anyone). Sadly I will not be able to continue working for her, the previous job offer is back on the table and I am in negotiations with them to be able to take the other position, and now that I have more information about the position it might be a better fit anyway.


Life is good, I am employed and being sought after by employers the ball is in my court and I for once are going to take advantage of it to my benefit (rather than “worrying about the good of the company first”). Furbabies are happy, feathers are happy, the kids will be home in three days!!!!!!


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