Saturday night plans

Published July 23, 2013 by emotionless brain

Mr.S and I had plans for Saturday night, he was allowing me to treat him for his birthday (he does not celebrate it for just cause). We had parted ways earlier in the day from the Friday Night surprise.

I purchased tickets to a musical at a local theater, it was not the one I wanted but it would work. Mr. S picked me up kind of late, just in time for the show, he claimed not to be hungry as he had a heavy lunch. So we went to the show, it was fun. We laughed and enjoyed it, afterwards we went to a local spot and had a bite to eat, it was delicious (this was not a local dive but actually one of the classier spots). We shared an artichoke appetizer that was divine, we both had different salads, and chose to decline on dessert there were only three items offered and none stood out to either of us. So we we headed back, first we stopped by my house to let my dogs out (duh I clearly was not spending the night at home again) and pack an overnight bag. The night prior I slept there I did not have a toothbrush, nor anything else I might have needed, body oil, change of clothes, medicine, etc.

After my chores were done, we headed to his house. One thing I really like about his house is the quietness, my house is a hustle and bustle by comparison even without anyone else there. I live close to a freeway, and dead smack in the middle of major traffic, plus there are two inch gaps between the exterior door and the frame. His house is serene, even though it is in the middle of remodel and partially torn up it is so calm and serene.

The mutual friend that had introduced us wanted us to go dancing with her and “Dance partner”, but alas Mr.S was not in the mood for high energy, we were both a little tired and were lavishing in the romantic evening we had shared again! So it was another night of romance and pleasure, not sure if it was mine or his probably both.

We woke Sunday morning very gently, relaxed, and romantically. We have become comfortable with each other, our bodies have found rhythm with each other. Yes we broke the “rules” and jumped into sex, we have stepped back and while we both have desire we are trying to not make it about sex. Talk about a difficult thing, when sex is good you want it right? Mr.S woke up a sleeping creature with me (I have been divorced for four and a half years), no I have not been celibate the entire time apparently just had not found the right partner.

You see I am different than a lot of women, I require a level of attraction and chemistry to be able to perform and enjoy, if the mojo inst there you can forget about it. Sure it sort of goes both ways, but a lot of men can fuck anything (most of them do), and well not that I am tooting my own horn but I am not fugly. Let me paint a picture, 5’5″, 115lbs, hair down to my mid back (curly or straight I can do both) it is auburn colour, I have hazel eyes. I am not as fit as I used to be, but three months at the gym and baby you would never know it has been 10 years since I have worked out. I believe in give and take, so if I want someone that is attractive then I need to also be attractive.

Time to go back to the gym, not because I need to loose weight, or anything like that, but because it is a healthy pattern. Exercise have more energy, feel good about myself, get into better shape, have more endurance, it will only take a few months of work to become rock hard again (and who wouldn’t feel good about that?)

Life is good, I am employed, my kids are waking up form a good night sleep with fabulous dreams, feathers are waking, furbabies are waking. While I did not see Mr.S last night (:-( ), that is ok too.


One comment on “Saturday night plans

  • You sound so beautiful no wonder Mr. S is smitten. Your date night sounds perfect. To feel so comfortable with him must be really special. I hope you realize what a great thing you have going. It sounds like you were just the birthday present he needed. I am glad you are able to balance you social life with your life as a mother. I look forward to reading your posts. It is good to know that there are still good guys out there if you look long enough. 🙂

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