in a difficult spot

Published October 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

Yet another reason I prefer to live under a rock. I have recently heard varying mind sets about how people feel about each other and it bugs the crud out of me. One person says this and then does that, it is very confusing and exhausting.

I am who I am, if there is someone I do not care for they probably know it. I do not judge people, I may have my opinion about them or something they have said or done but rarely share it. It was said to me about a couple of friends by another that “they were thick as thieves”. I took that to indicate that the person making the comment did not particularly care for one or both of these other individuals. Now I find the person who made the comment is all bestie now with both of these other people. Was it an act? seriously we are all adults, we are not in grade school or even high school.

Why do people camouflage like that? Saying what they think you want to hear to fit in with you, and turn around an do the same thing with the next person, never being true to any of it. I despise two faced people, I do not tolerate it at all. The quickest way to yak me is to two face me, after that you do not stand a chance in hell of anything more than common courteousness (only because I am mature enough to know when is appropriate and when it not), I would not even waste my energy avoiding you I will look right thru you if you stood before me.

My head hurts, I do not want to think about any of this anymore. I am tired of it, I would like for us all to go back to the way things were, when we knew less about each other, and liked each other. It seems the more we learn about a person the less we actually like them. Why is that? I am confused if there is chemistry and two people like each other why play games? Unless there is a level of immaturity on one or both parts, can someone fake chemistry? Can something not real seem so real on an emotional level?

I am going to bed, my head hurts (I know I already said that). Feathers are good, furbabies are snoring away, my daughter is fast asleep, do not know about my son (at the moment angry at him, do not want to know), horizontal position is calling my name “emotionless brain” come rest a while.


One comment on “in a difficult spot

  • My poor dear friend. I don’t know what to tell you except I wish you sweet dreams and get rid of the headache. I haven’t been in a situation like yours forever. Your “acquaintance” (certainly not “friend”) sounds so immature. She is a child who never grew up. Maybe you just have to excuse yourself from the one-sided conversation and move on. Maybe tell her that you don’t want to get involved [in this petty stuff].

    Love you.

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